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Franks Fine Swine & Beef

Bridgeport, PA

We are a small homebased, veteran owned, business in Bridgeport PA, Franks Fine Swine and Beef. We produce and sell hand crafted Beef and Chicken Jerky smoked to perfection on our smokers with our blend of woods. No short cuts here – it is all REAL. Not added chemicals, Salt or Liquid Smoke.

Our Beef jerky is only Angus London Broil and the Chicken is Chicken Breast meat only, purchased from a local butcher. All of the meat is hand sliced to reduce as much fat as possible. Our marinades and seasonings are combinations created by us. The meat is marinated 8-12 hours allowing the flavor to fully marry into the meat. You will actually taste Meat, Seasonings and Smoke. We make Jerky as it should be made.

The Jerky is sold in vacuum sealed bags to insure the quality of our product.

Please visit our website at for additional details and to order online. We deliver all local orders and also offer a pre-order option for our farm market customers. To pre-order for pickup at the Pottstown Farm Market, use Coupon Code: Pottstown The coupon code will remove the $7 online handling/delivery fee.

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