Welcome to our new site!

The Pottstown FARM will be open on the 200 Block of East High Street on Thursdays from 5 – 7:30pm, starting June 1st and running until November 21st. (Please note: our final date is a Tuesday, providing a great shopping experience before the fall holidays!)

We always appreciate the help of volunteers to create fantastic and memorable events. Sign up here!




About Us

The Pottstown FARM started in 2016 as a grass-roots project intended to help engage the business community with the community surrounding Pottstown. It was our goal to start something good that would help create the much sought after night life in the downtown district. By opening after work hours and encouraging our businesses to remain open, we could slowly create an atmosphere of fun throughout the borough, specifically in the downtown.

Our first year (2016) was a success in so many ways. Every Thursday night became a night to enjoy community gathering as well as promote healthy living, and buying local.

All our farmers and artisans are self-producing. This was especially important to our organization. The benefits of this, when buying from our local farmers is that you know everything from the market is coming right from the ground to your table – the freshness cannot be beat and the education piece to the families throughout our community was amazing!

What we learned from this past season is that local PA farmers do not have orange groves! Some produce just cannot be grown in the local farmlands of PA. So smaller, local farmers we have – and we love!

Farmer’s Markets are meant to bring people together, educate them on healthy living, provide wonderful food choices for them, and on occasion, extend the fun by having that night life element added. This encourages people to stay put for a while and engage with the local farmers, restaurants and shops along the way.


New Events

Please see our calendar for details on some exciting new events!



Pottstown FARM & Mosaic will have a table set up for the TWO BITE CLUB. Here is where your child can try the fruit, veggie or other farm product of the month – Two bites is all it takes! Pottstown FARM will then give each child a $5 FARM coin to spend at the market! It’s a great way to have our children learn new foods and enjoy eating healthy!

  • A ‘Passport’ booklet will be given to each child on their first visit
  • When your child tries the item of the week, they can get a stamp in their passport book, AND a $5 FARM coin!
  • Take the coin to any one of our FOOD vendors and spend on what you like.
  • Coins are worth $5 and ONLY at the Pottstown FARM
  • If you spend over $5, you will be responsible for the extra amount owed
  • You may collect coins and spend at a later time
  • Pottstown FARM will hold onto your child’s passport if you wish so it is not lost and it is ready for the next weeks stamp
  • On October 19th, our last “Almost Friday”, we will collect all the passports and enter any FULLY COMPLETED PASSPORTS into a raffle from the FARM.


SNAP incentive program:

Our SNAP Incentive program is for those who need assistance – we want to give you as many healthy choices as possible at the FARM. When you come to the INFORMATION BOOTH – use your SNAP Card to receive FARM coins in exchange. These coins come in $5 increments and you may purchase as many as you wish.

The FARM will give you an additional $5 coin to spend at the FARM on fresh food products! Here’s how this program works…

  • You the Snap recipient will come to the information booth and request any amount to be taken from your SNAP card – This must be in $5 increments ONLY!
  • The FARM Hand will then exchange that amount into FARM coins.
  • The Farm Hand will ADD (1) $5 additional coin for you to shop with at the FARM each week you use the SNAP card.
  • When you go to the specific farmer, you must spend the $5 entirely – YOU WILL NOT GET CHANGE for your coin, so please spend wisely.
  • You will be responsible to cover any costs on purchases that exceed your FARM coins amount


The Monthly Raffle – FREE tickets!

Each month we will hold a raffle at our “Almost Friday” event days. You may enter each week you visit the FARM.

Look for more Raffle information on our calendar!