Fresh produce, specialty foods, and unique crafts in Pottstown.


Our local farmers work hard from their fields and local farms, that they share special relationships with, to bring freshly picked produce to our market community, ensuring only the best goes home with you on market days!


If you like to be creative in the kitchen, then these specialty vendors are surely not to be missed. Be sure to check out our market vendor’s unique items such as artisan vinegar, sauces and more to kick up your everyday meals.

Artisan Products

We are excited to have our local artists sharing their talent at the FARM this season. When you need something unique for that special someone, be sure to shop at the market! 

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Did you know that in Pottstown, teachers estimate 3 out of 4 students come to school hungry? In almost every state, children suffer from food insecurity, making learning difficult and raising health issues for many in our neighborhoods. Pottstown is considered a “food desert”, which means, it is in an area where getting fresh, healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are especially difficult. It is Pottstown’s Mission to help change this and bring access to healthy foods to everyone in our community.

Do you have an EBT Card (SNAP)? Pottstown FARM adds buying power to every $10 you put on your card by adding an additional $5 in FARM Coins.

Our Two Bite Club is open to all children 12 years and under. The children register for free and try a special item at the market from one of our vendors. Once they take a bite (or two) they are given a RED FARM COIN that they can save or use immediately at one of our vendor’s stands. Through tracking, we have found that 85% of the coins are used at the vendor’s stand that supplied that week’s item. This program helps kids learn to taste a variety of fresh foods and hopefully will enjoy more of them at home! Last year we had over 850 children register for this free program.

Our Partnership with Operation143 helps about 12 families in the Borough gain access to farm-fresh food products in the summertime when children are not in school. Unfortunately, due to government regulations, this does NOT include the Senior Citizen’s checks they receive in the summertime for the same fresh-foods.

Please consider a donation at the FARM to help support these amazing programs! Visit http://www, or take one of our “ornaments” off our Giving Tree at the FARM! REMEMBER: ‘One Million Starts With ONE!’

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