Become a FARM Vendor

Pottstown Farm & Artisan Regional Market (Pottstown FARM) is serious about bringing the best shopping experience to our local community. We do this by selecting our vendors, entertainers and community partnerships based on their values, contribution to our mission, quality and reliability.

If you wish to sell items at Pottstown FARM, you are considered a “vendor”.

PLEASE NOTE: We are an OPEN AIR MARKET and weather may cause us to cancel the market for a day. We are currently looking for alternative space inside should weather be an issue. This will be determined closer to the market’s opening day which is MAY 25, 2024!

Steps to Become a Vendor

We ask that you complete the vendor application and a Board Member or FARM’s Director will contact you to continue with the processes necessary to ensure all paperwork is completed. FARM offers a way to reach a local and loyal clientele within an encouraging and fun environment. Our goal is to help you grow through the guidance, experience and encouragement of our Market Team.

Step 1: APPLY

Fill out an online Vendor Application Form. You will receive an instant notification acknowledging receipt of the application. Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed and someone from the market team will reach out to you with any further questions.

Pottstown FARM has a rolling application process. At any time, a vendor may apply and fees will then be prorated accordingly. If you apply after March 1, 2024, we cannot guaruntee space will be available for new vendors. We do our best to have a nice variety of vendors who compliment eachother to make our market a success and limit the number of like vendors to ensure each vendor’s success!

Step 2: Farm/Production Site Visit

New farmers may be required to host an on-site visit to ensure that farm products labeled as “self-produced” are in compliance with our policies. This does not limit FARM to solely self-producing farmers, but know they will have priority over co-op farmers and at no time do we allow resellers.

Step 5: Onboarding

New applicants who are invited to join the market will be contacted in advance of starting the market to discuss the vendor’s questions, review Rules and Requirements and provide Vendor Agreement paperwork. This is preferably a Zoom call that must occur before your first market day. This call will be an opportunity for the vendor and the FARM board to understand each other and to ensure a fun and harmonious FARM season.

Step 3: Starting the Market

Start date is May 25, 2024. For pop-up vendors, we will schedule a start date for you to begin attending markets. Please be sure to put in your application specific dates you wish to be a ‘pop-up’ at the FARM

Prior to your first market day, all food vendors, will need to have added Pottstown FARM as a named insured to your general liability insurance policy and provide us with a copy.

Please understand that Pottstown FARM takes many aspects into account when choosing vendors. Our space is limited and our mission is near and dear to our hearts.

If by chance we do not ask you to join our market, it is not personal or a failure of your business; FARM may already have a like vendor or the product you wish to sell may not be the best fit for our market ‘s mission at this time.

We appreciate your understanding, support and all that you do.

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