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About Pottstown Farm

Get to Know Pottstown Farm

Pottstown FARM’s Mission is to provide access to fresh, locally grown, agricultural products and handmade artisan goods to the Pottstown Region. FARM also helps provide easy access to those fresh foods for those who are underserved in our region through a variety of programs and incentives.

Pottstown FARM is an enjoyable, healthy and beneficial market for the entire community to benefit from.

Through your support Pottstown FARM is able to continue growing our three main programs: The Two Bite Club, SNAP Incentives and Create with our Community!

TWO Bite Club

SNAP incentives

Partnership with Operation 143

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Built On Support

Pottstown FARM runs on the generous support of our community. That support powers us to continue the programs that help our community have access to healthy foods. We invite you to take part in our campaign to raise money for the FARM.

One of our biggest expenses to our budget is the Two-Bite Club, which encourages all our children under 12 who visit the FARM to register, try the Item of the Week, and in exchange will receive a FARM Coin worth $5 to spend however they like at any of the vendors of the Pottstown FARM.

The FARM also has mini donation flowerpots at the information table where we encourage the community to help our market “GROW”. FARM encourages our community to get creative with their children for ways to earn some money that they can in turn donate back to the market. There is no requirement to do this while participating in the Two-Bite Club. The children in our 2022 season were encouraged by parents and guardians to return support to the FARM where hundreds of dollars were donated through our “One Million Starts with One” GROW Campaign. Pottstown FARM loves to see the children learn about supporting their community and enjoying every ‘new’ bite from our vendors!

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