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Two Bite Club

The Two-Bite Club is FREE and encourages all children under 12 who visit the FARM to participate. Each week, the FARM purchases an item from one of the vendors for children to sample. The goal is to introduce children to food items hat they may not have tried in their everyday life. This is one of our most popular programs that brought more than 635 children to participate in our 2023 season.

After a child tries the ‘item of the week’ they will receive a $5 FARM coin to spend at the market for something of their choice.

Because our FARM Coins are color coded, we have been able to track the children’s spending. Over the past 8 seasons, 85% of the FARM Coins were spent at the vendor who supplied that weeks specific item. Children can save their coins for future visits to the market as well!

A few examples of the Two-Bite Club samplings included candy puffs by our “Luck of the Irish” vendor and cucumbers sprinkled with a vinegarette from “Ethel’s Atrisan Vinegars” . This program is definitely a favorite of our little ones that visit the FARM!

Because this program is supported by many grants, we ask only that the parent fill out a brief information postcard so we can keep track of the number of participants as we report to our grantors and apply for future financial support. Bring the kids for our 9th season and enjoy the tasting of many different food vendors at our market!

Snap Incentives

The FARM’s SNAP incentives are supported by grants and donations from our community. This program adds buying power to any SNAP (Food Stamp) recipient.

When a SNAP receipient visits the FARM information table, they can ask our farmhands to put any amount on teir EBT Card in increments of $10. The farmhands will then exchange that amount for FARM Coins each eaqualing $5. Thanks to our grants and sponsors visitors who request to use their EBT Card, will also recieve an additional $5 in FARM Coins which adds additional buying power in purchasing fresh and healthy products at the FARM. Through our grants and donations Pottstown FARM is able to keep with their mission to help those underserved receive fresh, local & healthy foods.

In 2023, more than $3,000 was given in SNAP Incentives to those in need. FARM also spent more than $1,000 to the Senior’s FMNP Checks, at a total cost to the market.

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In 2024 Pottstown FARM is building an even stronger partnership with Operation 143! The Pottstown FARM wants to ensure families that benefit during the school year with backpacks filled with food for the weekend, are given fresh food products each week of the market throughout the summer.

With Operation 143’s assistance, approximately 12-14 families in the Borough will receive a complimentary bag of food that is fresh and locally grown ensuring they have healthy food options throughout the summer months.

The FARM purchases a variety of martket products from our farmers and vendors that are free of preservatives, and oh so yummy!

In keeping with the efforts of the market to avoid food waste, they have worked hard to allot some fresh produce as well as freshly made products such as tomato sauce. This creates a more family friendly bag of food as well as gaining more shelf life than offering too many tomatoes. Programs like this that are thought through as a long term initiative can help the market be a leader in feeding those underserved in the best way possible with little waste.

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