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If you are a current Pottstown Farm vendor, please use the form below to create your own vendor page. Before you start to fill it out, look over the form so that you have all the information that you need. You can save and continue at a later time if you need.

Things you will need

Before you start filling out the form, please gather or create the following items. The more info on your vendor page, the more people can find your business.

BUSINESS INFORMATION. Name, email, phone number, website, etc.

BUSINESS LOGO. Please have ready a square (1:1) logo image that is no bigger than 500 X 500 px.

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION. Tell us about your business. Give customers a great reason to seek you out at the Farm!

PHYSICAL LOCATION. Do you have a physical address that you want customers to go to?

If so, have you created a Google Business Profile to get you on Google Maps. If not, go here:

If you do not have a physical location, please supply your town and state.

SOCIAL MEDIA. URLs of your Facebook and Instagram pages. If you don’t have them, go create them. Like now.

Fill out the Form

If you have all of the things above ready, fill out the form please!

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