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Healthy Delight is a family fun business. Monica was inspired by friends who made me realize the importance of promoting this product in the market and they Loved it!!! Her passion for years has been ‘consume and promote healthy choices’, which has been her motto at home. Due to a busy life, I was looking for a better way to combine different ingredients that can be used in a healthy way, creating a product that would make my life simple, efficient and food delicious, and voila!! Our wonderful product was born in their kitchen. My son Rafael named it and Nicole, my daughter, is the manager. They only use Olive oil in their line of products.

Healthy Delight Cooking Oils are great for seasoning, basting, baking, grilling, cooking, marinating, and dipping. Now you can marinate your chicken, meat or salmon, or season your favorite vegetable, pasta, rice or beans, or use it as a dressing in your salad with balsamic vinegar, or dip your favorite bread. There are hundreds of ways to use these marvelous flavored oils. Healthy Delight makes any foods tastier. You can now have in your kitchen the secret ingredient of my yummy, tasty and delicious oil. Share the love at the market as Healthy Delight brings her wonderful oils to the market as a pop-up vendor on:

Healthy Delight Oils will be at the market on the following dates: May 25, June 22, July 20, Aug 17, Sept 28, Oct 12 & Nov 30 (Small Biz Saturday)

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