Microgreen FX

Schwenksville PA

At MicroGreen FX, Sergio and his wife, Fiona believe that eating locally-sourced, organic foods is essential for a healthy lifestyle and Community. Their Family Farm produces delicious microgreens to meet this goal! The family is dedicated to growing and harvesting the freshest and most nutrient-dense greens available, so you can nourish your body with the BEST.

Microgreen’s products range from Sunnies (Sunflower Microgreens) to Kale and beyond to Corn and Melon microgreens. All their microgreens are planted, grown, and harvested with care thanks to Fiona’s World Class Managins (sometimes supervising) abilities! Not only do these microgreens bring great taste to any dish but they also provide powerful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you can’t find in traditional fruits and vegetables.

Whether you’re an individual looking to add more nutrition and flavor to your diet, or a business looking for an organic supplier, MicroGreen FX can provide you with the freshest microgreens available. So come on and enjoy the “FX” of Fresh Organic Microgreens from MicroGreen FX, you won’t regret it!

New last season, Microgreen FX expanded to “Freeze Dried FX” with very unique flavored freeze dried fruits, candies and more. Try them, you will like them!

Microgreens FX / Freeze Dried FX will be at the market full season!

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