S.O.B. Bacon

Douglassville PA

Welcome to Society of Bacon. (some call us S.O.B.) We’re a specialty bacon company who knows a good slice should have a deep, smoky flavor straight from the pan, but also hold its own in a BLT.

This is not your typical grocery store bacon. Our cures are hand rubbed into the meat, not injected with liquids – resulting in a lower water content and less shrinkage. Just perfect hickory smoked slices, juicy and tender, sizzling in the pan.

Our pork bellies are dry cured using the time-honored process of infusing them with a mixture of salt, sugar, fresh herbs or spices to craft exciting flavors like Garlic Herb, Habanero, Cracked Pepper, Maple Molasses, Bourbon, or Plain Hickory Smoke.

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