Sleepy Cat Urban Winery

Allentown PA

Sleepy Cat Urban Winery is a winery set in the city. We consider ourselves urban because we do not have a vineyard. We make the wine on premises in Allentown, PA, from juice. We do the fermentation, filtering and bottling at the winery, we just don’t have that vineyard. We source our juices from New York, Pennsylvania, Chile, & New Jersey.

We are a husband and wife team that have been in business since 2016. We have a tasting room where we do flights, tastings and wine by the glass. We also have events at the winery such as yoga & wine, food & wine pairings, candle making classes, paint and sips and much more. We do many outdoor events such as farmers markets, wine festivals and fundraisers.

We have received 78 medals for 28 different wines at different competitions. Our most award winning wines are Cozy Cranberry, Cherry Superstitious & Smokey’s Midnight Treat.

We also have a wine that we donate $1 for every bottle to a different animal rescue each month. That wine is Apollo’s Criss Cross.

We do not bring the same wines weekly to the FARM. If you are looking for a specific wine, please send Carrie a message at 610-737-4552 by 8pm on the Friday before FARM day.

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